Bushman Tours is Closed

Our mission is to align passionate, local guides with conscious travellers to better experience the natural world and conservation. The unprecedented restrictions to accessing this audience for two years has prevented any meaningful progress. The closure of Bushman Tours will end the brand and the offering, but not the mission.

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While our doors are closing, our work toward Conservation continues.
Ollie Law, Founder of Bushman Tours.

Wrapping up our tours and offering

Due to the unprecedented challenges that the pandemic, closed borders, and a difficult economic landscape has provided, Bushman Tours has closed up its offering for the foreseeable future.

All available tours and operations have stopped and our small team are moving onto new adventures and concepts. Despite our vast mission and offering, BT remained a group of four passionate entrepreneurs. The bombardment of restrictions and uncertainty (arguably unique to New Zealand and Australia) made running this small tourism business near impossible.

We encourage all guides and adventurers alike to continue to venture outdoors and look after our precious Aotearoa New Zealand while our visitors begin to return.

The bad luck and unique challenges started the day before New Zealand went into total lockdown. Releasing our brand new website a day before, it was a sign of what was to come. I’ve travelled the country since and seen many “closed for good” signs. One that hit me hard was a globally recognised, highly established mountaineering agency; seeing their office empty of equipment and people had me realise this is much worse than we think.

The truth is, battling with government restrictions and border closures was never the plan. It’s not enjoyable anymore. It doesn’t allow us to fight for our mission: conservation and meaningful adventures. I made the decision while hiking our first booked trail. I knew it was time when I reached the summit, looked down at Wānaka township - Mount Aspiring in the background - and a small group of fellow Kiwis. It’s arguably the hardest decision I’ve ever made.

However, that same trip provided the space to brainstorm and map out a new offering I am personally very connected to. The concept already has big backing and while it will approach a different audience, it will continue to contribute to local experiences, community and the outdoors; something I am very passionate about.

Thank you to all our Bushmen and Women. You are truly inspiring, wonderful people. To our followers and Visitors: keep passionately sharing the love for this sort of work. Drop one coffee or beer a week and give it to conservation. You can do this!

- Ollie

A new adventure

We’re taking our full infrastructure, website, brand and team into a new concept that is based on the world's fastest growing sport. Based primarily in the outdoors, it is community focused and still young in its popularity. We're building the platform dedicated to run the entirety of this sport, connect with others and help grow the adoption of it on a global scale.

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More details on the change

Email us a question
Can we still book tours with the guides who were Bushmen?

You are welcome to reach out to the individual via means that the person publicly provides. We cannot provide any personal information. However, many have their own Facebook pages they promote their work on.

How do we get in touch with someone at Bushman Tours?

As the business is closing, so too will the opportunity to reach us. You can use the email button on the left, but please expect a delay.

Why is your social media is still live?

We will be keeping this active as it's likely the account will merge into the new concept we're working on. There is also some valuable information on there about conservation and people.

The borders are opening, why close now?

In reality, we've been closing for 6 months now. The borders are opening, but many senior officials in the transport, immigration and tourism world do not see pre-covid levels returning until 2024.

How will you continue to support conservation?

All our current donations will be transferred over to our sister company. Our Directors will continue to volunteer and our new business venture will fight towards conversation awareness.

Will Bushman Tours be back?

Potentially in some form, yes. The concept of what we did was not necessarily new, but it heavily relied on people - which we've not seen much of lately. Who knows about the future?