Adventure Meets Conservation

We provide Adventures and Experiences designed and led by local Kiwis we call Bushmen. Bushman Tours is where adventure meets conservation efforts.

Our platform gives you an exclusive chance to experience Aotearoa (New Zealand) through the eyes of a local, connect with them and get a personal, tailored trip. No tour is ever the same, but the result is.

All of our Bushmen & women are highly knowledgeable, handpicked guides. Preserving and protecting nature through action, donation and education are their goals. When you book an experience with us, you are directly giving back to local communities, as well as foundations all chosen by the Bushmen & women. Don’t just share your time…

Share your footsteps.

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Bushman Tours About Us

Everything we do, we do for conservation

We believe it’s personal experiences that can support this. We contribute to this by guiding visitors into areas in need, then provide a percentage of all our tours to organisations dedicated to conservation.

    Bushman Tours supports the Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre Bushman Tours supports the NZ Whale & Dolphin Trust Bushman Tours supports the Kea Conservation Trust Bushman Tours support the Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue conservation

No Tour is ever the same

All of our hikes, hunts and adventures are designed and put together by locals who have a wealth of knowledge of their region. Arguably, we have the most tours in New Zealand thanks to their passion for adventure and ambition to share it with you.

  • Godley Head & Earthquake Tour

    Jill McCaw Bushman Tours Profile Image Jill
  • Wild Ghost Town

    Keith Milne Bushman Tours Profile Image Keith
  • Coached Hunting Adventure

    Shaun Monk Bushman Tours Profile Image Shaun
  • Hiker Paradise: Greenstone & Caples

    Bushman Shaun Moloney Bushman Tours Profile Image Shaun
  • Boulder-hopping to Frew Hut

    West Coast
    Stefan Warnaar Bushman Tours Profile Image Stefan
  • Bealey Spur & Limestone Tour

    Jill McCaw Bushman Tours Profile Image Jill
  • Adventure the Wangapeka

    West Coast
    Drew Parkinson Bushman Tours Profile Image Drew

Connecting you with local experts

Our Bushmen and women are selected one by one by Bushman Tours. We review every application, once offered the opportunity, they build unique experiences via their profiles. These exceptional men and women lead tours in their spare time, work with you on the perfect tour and provide a passion for NZ more hearty than any ‘tour guide’.

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