100% New Zealand Owned, Operated, and Proud

We preach this every single day. This interview with our Chief Bushman and Founder, Ollie talks about everything we do and why we do it.

We’ve been passionate about the outdoors and conservation for decades. Now, we’re making a difference by creating adventure solutions travellers actually want.

For travellers, it’s a constant challenge to find the time and opportunity to get away from it all without the stress this causes. Every summer, we hit the road, head into rustic New Zealand’s National Parks to relax and connect with our backyard, with the comforts of family and friends. This is especially true off the back of an intense year where time away in nature is vital.

The main problem we are facing is that time to get away (which seems less available thanks to isolation measures). International visitors have also historically swamped many of the best locations, and correct information detailing what to do was few and far between (without an invoice attached to it). This leads to wasted time, effort and money.

Today your best option is social media or recommendations from friends and family about where to travel. But of course, you want something more personal, something no one you know has done before. With social media continuing to take over, and constant, unknown lockdown requirements, the problem feels like too much.

If only there was a simpler, more affordable way to explore New Zealand. Travellers could experience and complete adventures on their own terms, leading to complete de-stressing, relaxation and experiences away from it all

With up to 72% of Kiwis expected to travel domestically after the COVID-19 crisis, there is a clear opportunity for the right provider to meaningfully impact a huge number of people. A Kiwi provider who has ‘local’ at the core of everything they do.

This is part of our mission, to change the face of travel as we know it in Aotearoa.

The natural world is the greatest source of excitement. The greatest source of visual beauty. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.”

Sir David Attenborough

It all starts with family

It was another family hike in the Canterbury hills that sparked the idea to connect exceptional Kiwis with dedicated explorers. Bushman Tours focuses on a way to contribute to conservation efforts on a mass scale while meeting like-minded, extraordinary people.

When you hike with our Bushmen and women, you’re hiking with local Kiwis who love this country and the experience it provides. This means we have all the best-kept secrets to show you, that you won’t find on the tourist route. Every provider claims to be able to show you the ‘real New Zealand’, but cannot summarize what that is. We don’t need to, our Bushmen will.

Everything we do, we do for conservation.

People can support conservation and contribute to global efforts simply by meeting one another. Bushman Tours is simply the guide to making that happen; we just happen to do this over stunning hikes throughout New Zealand.

Who we are

Bushman Keith

We’re mothers, fathers, paramedics, scientists, students, business owners, farmers, and athletes. We all have the same values and are all inspired by our country. Bushman Tours is a community of experienced hikers and outdoors people looking to make a difference to our visitors.

Our Passion

South Island Wildlife Hospital
South Island Wildlife Hospital

Flora, fauna, and everything ecosystem. We provide data, support and donations to local efforts and foundations to help get our environment back on track. Our Bushmen and women passionately educate and inspire their Visitors.

Our Mission

Kororā of New Zealand

We want to change the way people think about the outdoors and their time in new places. The minority is being pushed out, while dedication to change is becoming the norm. We have a focus on building meaningful experiences in special places.

How we do it

Manawatu with Bushman Emma

We source the most exceptional Kiwis we can find and offer them an opportunity to lead adventures into the bush. As a Visitor, you get to choose which one you go out with while we handle the facilitation, making the experience unforgettable, easy and affordable – just how it should be. 

Our values


Everything we do, everything we talk about, the places we go, the people we meet, it’s all about conservation. We’re desperately passionate and being part of change and improvement.


People and their passions can change the world. A voice (no matter the volume) is powerful but so are actions. We focus on locals and their expertise to help change perceptions and action.


The climate and the ecosystems we are fortunate to explore are more fragile than ever. We ensure that our mission and work is in favour and supports the natural world.


In times of change, we need our communities more than ever. We give back financially and with educational work to ensure communities thrive with Bushman Tours.

The Bushman Tours Tribe

Our Tribe is small and local, but we have big ambitions and move our innovation with absolute determination and aggression. Six people and two dogs run the stuff in the background.

Chief Bushman Ollie

Founder of Bushman Tours, Ollie brings his experience from the corporate world throughout the UK and Europe to an ever changing world of technology. Extremely dedicated to wildlife conservation and the outdoors, he oversees all business operations and strategy.

Head Bushman Brad

Brad joined the British Army at age 18 and slugged his way up to the rank of Sergeant. It was here he became Tank Commander with the Light Dragoons during the Bosnian War, 1992. Supporting the UN efforts, Brad and his colleagues helped save thousands of lives. Now, he is a resilience expert and senior consultant, making him the perfect person to keep this business resilient and safe.

Operations Bushman Zoe

From a young age, Zoe has traveled the world in detail, completing numerous hikes in the most remote regions like Japan and Taiwan, to name a few. Her attention to detail on our social presence, and the Bushman support has allowed us to reach the right people at the right time. Zoe now oversees all operations and helps quality check every step we take in painstaking detail. Decisions are seldom final without Zoe’s input.

Design Bushman Abby

Abby’s relationship to Ollie stretches beyond Bushman Tours with the two having worked on past marketing projects together. Now, Abby oversees creative and branding to ensure a clean and visually captivating presence for our vast audience. Abby brings not just a high level of education to our work, but experience not often taught.

Mother Bushman Neesy

The mother to the operation (and Chief Bushman), Neesy has embedded a culture of travel in both her son and her husband’s lives. With a deep love for animals, she adds a vast amount of passion and drive to the wider team. Neesy heads up the merchandise distribution and oversees food supplies for hikers as well as careful delivery of Visitors and Bushmen to their tours in Canterbury.

Social Bushman Andrew

Andrew is the latest addition to the Bushman Tours team and our intern program. Currently attending university in New York, Andrew will be working with us remotely to promote the Bushman Tours blog and strengthen our social media presence to help reach our global audience for a post-covid world. Being an avid outdoorsman himself, we believe his unique business minded skillset and passion for the wilderness will allow him to accomplish great things during his time with us. 

Bushdog Hunter

Hunter was there from the beginning; including the hike where the seed for Bushman Tours was first planted. He is an extremely good boy with typical Huntaway characteristics, including the ability to walk just about any hike in New Zealand. Hunter has allowed us to keep fit and fast on those challenging hikes.

Bushdog Baz

Baz (Basil) is our newest addition to the tribe and Head Bushman Brad’s latest project. A West Coast bred, long-haired terrier, Baz loves to chew just about everything but equally loves a mission down the beach. Still unsure about the locals, he has fit in well with our long days out.

Join our tribe

We’re always on the lookout for people to join us, whether that’s as a Bushman or in-house. Reach out and tell us what you’re all about. To streamline the process, in your email, tell us why it’s good to walk through the mud on tracks?

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