Multiple views in one day

If you love mountains and fascinating natural structures, but you don’t want to climb too high, then Bealey Spur might just be for you. Panoramic views, plenty of lookouts and a historic hut – you’re in for a special trip into the heart of our Southern Alps! 

This Adventure has been designed to provide a full-on day throughout the western region of Canterbury. We’ll combine an enjoyable walk up the Bealey Spur Track with a trip to the remarkable structures of Castle Hill.

Visitors who have joined me on this Adventure praise its variety and the number of wonderful sites and landscapes you’ll see.

  • Great for those with less gear and backcountry experience.
  • Fantastic for families and groups to be introduced to this dramatic region.
  • Films like Lord of the Rings and Narnia were both filmed in this location (see if you can recognize scenes).
  • Easy going with plenty of flexibility to take it slow and enjoy the massive views of mountain ranges and the Castle Hill formations.

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$299 NZD

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Jill is offering addons for this adventure to enhance your experience.

Backcountry Lunch (V) (+$7)

A light lunch option: A heart-warming mushroom flavoured soup with creamy mashed potato. Gluten-Free, contains milk. (Only order what you need for your group size)

Backcountry Lunch (+$7)

A light lunch option: Tasty chicken soup with rice noodles and vegetable broth. Gluten-Free, contains chicken and milk. (Only order what you need for your group size)

Book A Lensman

Book this Adventure’s Lensman to come out with you and capture the experience through ridiculously stunning images. Leave your camera at home and enjoy the experience while someone else captures those moment of you, your family/mates and the views. Professionally shot, mastered and shared.


Donate a trap

This may not be for you, but many are surprised that only one $45 trap can save up to 1,000 native birds in its lifetime. If you want to be part of New Zealand conservations efforts on a personal level then donate this trap. Your name and special Visitor number will be written on it so that we can record your traps contribution to saving our native wildlife. If time allows, you’ll even get to sign and set the trap you donate.


Airport pickup

Keen and heading out on your Adventure the moment you land into New Zealand? It’ll save you a lot on accommodation and we can arrange luggage storage. Your Bushman will message you for flight details and times.


Energy Snacks

If you need that extra boost during the day trip, it’s worth ensuring you have some high-protein snacks. We’ll have this sorted for you with NZ’s best energy bars & snacks.


Food or Allergy Requirements

If you have any food or allergy requirements your Bushman needs to know about, please add the details here. You can send more information on this via your dashboard once booked.

Jill McCaw Bushman Tours Canterbury Tour guide

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Castle Hill Hiking Tour

Bealey Spur & Limestone Tour

Jill McCaw Bushman Tours Canterbury Tour guide Hiking with Jill
No. of Adventurers Price Per Person Total Cost
1 $299 NZD $299 NZD
2 $189 NZD $378 NZD
3 $165 NZD $495 NZD
4 $145 NZD $580 NZD

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1 day


Altitude An icon depicting the altitude of this adventure. 1545m



Map of Canterbury
Who's taking me on this adventure?


I'm a 50-something woman enjoying a second teenagehood. I'm a glider pilot who's discovered the spiritual bond I feel in the air extends to the earth and the bush. I'm a writer by profession, a storyteller by inclination, and I have a wide knowledge of the New Zealand bush, its trees, birds, insects, the earth below it and the sky above. People who come hiking with me will feel welcome in the wilderness. I'll share the stories of the place and help you see the small things that you may not know to even look for. We'll take our time. Hiking with me is about being in the here and now, looking, listening, smelling and connecting to the land. I am not about rushing to make it to the end, just to tick a journey off the list. I'll tell you my stories but I also want to hear yours. This is your journey, your trip and I want to make it the best experience you can have.

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All tours require the proper gear to ensure you’re having the time of your life, and are well prepared if things go south. It’s the real and rugged New Zealand out there!


  • 750ml Water Bottle

    750ML Water Bottle

  • Day Pack

    Day Pack

  • Hiking Pants

    Hiking Pants

  • Rain Jacket

    Rain Jacket

  • Recreational Footwear

    Recreational Footwear

  • Sunscreen and hat

    Sunscreen & hat

  • Top Base Layer

    Top Base layer

  • Torch and Batteries

    Torch & Batteries

  • Warm Hat and Gloves

    Warm hat & gloves (March to October)

  • Whistle



  • Cutlery and Cup

    Cutlery & cup

  • Hand Sanitiser

    Hand Sanitiser

  • Hiking Socks

    Hiking Socks

  • Inspect Repellent

    Insect Repellent

  • Lighter and Matches

    Lighter / Matches

  • First Aid

    Personal First Aid Kit


There are add-on extras for this tour. These are the little things that’ll either make your Adventure easier to organise or more rugged - your choice. You can add these during the booking process.

  • Sheffield Pie Shop

    This place is a local must-do when heading to the mountains. The ‘World Famous Sheffield Pie Shop’ has delicious products prepared and baked on-site using only the freshest ingredients. They have won awards in the New Zealand Pie Awards four years running and bake over 20 varieties of pie including fruit pies! A perfect way to fuel up for the day.

    + $5 NZD
  • Photographs of Your Adventure

    Want your Adventure captured in stunning, professional photos? We’ve got a Lensman (like Bushmen but with cameras) who will join you and capture all the best moments so you don't have to.

    + $150 NZD

We do things differently

  • Buy now, pay later

    We now offer LayBuy at checkout. Take the pressure off
  • Save, A lot

    Save, a lot

    The more people that come with you, the more it's discounted
  • Customise it

    Customise it

    Find the perfect trip and add a little extra. Go wild, it's on us
  • Affordably Private

    Affordably private

    All of our Adventures are private, and we don't charge extra for that
  • Insurance

    Ensure you’re insured

    We provide insurance options for if the worst happens

Q & A

Your Bushman has added a couple of answers to questions other Visitors have asked in the past to help you with your booking plans. Once you book a tour, you'll be in direct contact with your Bushman for more support.

  • How fit do I have to be?

    Although people from all backgrounds and fitness levels have done this hike, it's not without its efforts. You'll handle it, but it's a good day of exercise.

    Bring lots of water and hiking poles if you struggle with ascents. Those with experience will break a sweat, but not struggle. We’re not in a rush and can take many breaks.

  • What will we explore outside of the hike?

    The drive to Bealey Spur has several worthwhile stops along the way, including the limestone formations at Castle Hill, a cave and the quaint village of Arthur’s Pass a few kilometres after the car park.

    We can customize your itinerary, depending on how much time we have left after our hike. Contact me through the chat function after you’ve booked and we can figure out what you’d like to see.

  • How long is the drive?

    The drive is approximately 4 hours in total but we will break this up and have chances to stretch legs, get food & coffee and explore the surrounding areas as we drive. I will try to make it as entertaining as possible for everyone!


Here’s a few answers to the more general questions about the whole journey. You can visit our help and support area for any further information or contact us via the chat function.

  • What is the refund and cancellation policy?

    Bushman Tours sets a standard cancellation policy that can be found via our Terms & Conditions. This is globally set at 48 hours notice. However, Bushmen may add to this depending on the requirements for the Adventure (e.g. - hiring gear and renting equipment on your behalf). The final policy will be located at the bottom of the checkout, or you can reach out to us to check.

  • What happens if the tour is cancelled due to weather?

    In most cases, the Bushman can arrange another day to run your tour, but this also comes down to when you're available if travelling through New Zealand. We recommend ensuring you have insurance for cancellation of any tours. If the Bushman has to cancel due to a health risk, we will call you to arrange another option.

  • What gear do I need?

    Although we have a minimum requirement of gear, you will need the right equipment and gear that is relevant to the Adventure you're booking. This is usually found at the bottom of each tour page, but for our minimum, please visit our FAQs & blog page.

  • Can I hire gear/equipment?

    In some circumstances, your Bushman will have equipment for you to hire. This is available to browse and book through the checkout. We may also have options through our checkout. Although you may be able to borrow gear during the tour, it's important to reserve it now.

  • What food shall I bring?

    Depending on the length, this can vary. Your Bushman will advise on the tour page what is recommended for this particular Adventure, but typically, what we offer at checkout via the add-ons section is what you'll need. Keep it lightweight and nutritious if you buy your own.

  • Where do I meet my Bushman?

    We always try to pick the closest iSite (Visitor Centre) to your Adventure's location. Instructions on precisely where to meet are sent after the booking is made. However, you can also message your Bushman and arrange another location as long as it's close enough to the region.

  • How much extra is it to add family/friends onto the booking?

    If you book and find that more people want to come with you, we can arrange to add them onto the booking (this is dependant on the Bushman's preference to the number of people to take out). The more that book on the original checkout option, the cheaper the fee for each individual - so spread the word before you go to book! Please note, you cannot add or bring extra people 48 hours before the tour starts.

  • Can I talk to my Bushman before the Adventure?

    Absolutely! Once you book, you will be able to login and chat directly to your Bushman through a private, secure chat. Here you can arrange some extras you would like to do, timings for pick up and much more.

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