Explore a local station

Join me in my native backyard and directly support our conservation efforts in return for a unique, locally run experience.

This New Zealand Bush Experience has a focus on providing a mixture of adventures and activities that will show you what going bush is really all about in New Zealand. This local farming station provides zero disruption and a chance to connect directly with nature. In fact, we’re sure that you won’t find the same experience on public land.

Island Hills Station provides a chance to tramp through deep, regenerating beech forest while helping to reset and check traps for introduced pests to the region. It’s here you’ll learn about the efforts I control with the station’s owners and what you can do to help, even after you’ve left. By booking this tour, Bushman Tours will donate traps to the station as part of your fee. These traps will support the conservation work here and bear your Visitors ID, offering the chance for you to receive updates on the efforts and support you’ve provided – even long after you’ve left.

On this Adventure you will:

  • Have one of the region’s largest stations to explore as you wish.
  • Be guided by one of Canterbury’s leading pig hunters and Bushmen (often seen on magazines like The Hunters Journal).
  • Be able to hike and scramble up a variety of different terrain, mountains and native bush.
  • Customise and have the final say in what you want to do. (As this trip is completely private, we are not restricted to one track or activity).
  • Experience wild foods caught and prepared on-site – the freshest, healthiest you can consume.
  • Stay in traditional huts and lodges that come with excellent cooking facilities, beer fridge, a warm shower, fires, a BBQ and bunks with pillows and mattresses.
  • Challenge yourself on a safe, well-designed Adventure overseen by a guide with decades of experience.

This tour is perfect for groups of just about any size, families and young ones new to bush life, or couples who want a guarantee of a unique adventure. But don’t wait around, this tour is popular!

Don’t forget to check out my other tours via my profile, including hunting trips and my popular Parent & Child Experience. 


One person from *

$1345 NZD

* Save up to $896 NZD by bringing 6 friends

Choose Dates

Wild Foods (+$57.50)

If you want to dive into some caught and prepared food straight from the station, then make sure to book this option. Everyone will get the finest meats and veg on offer, all prepared how you want it right there on the BBQ.

Novice-Hunter Experience (+$345)

If you want to give hunting a go for the first time in a safe and secure setting, this is the add-on for you. Here, we’ll walk through the rifle used, some practice shooting, safety etiquette and then head out to see what we can shoot. This is a perfect extra for this tour for those wanting to see if hunting is for them. Don’t miss out, book this now so I can prepare the rifle and gear.


Please note that if you opt for the hunting experience, an animal fee must be paid if you shoot a non-trophy red deer. If you wish to opt for the hunting experience, please book and pay for this fee now. If you do not shoot a deer, this will be refunded post-tour.

Filming & Editing of Your Adventure

A 20 to 30 minute HD film will be produced for your whole trip allowing your group or family to treasure this holiday forever. Professional filmed and compiled, I have some fantastic videographers ready to go who work for other well-known hunting shows and magazines. Capture the trip outside of what you experience and book this addon.

Backpack Trekking & Camp Out

If you’d like to opt for a night out in the bush and not in one of the lodges, we can definitely make this happen. A tent will be provided (or you can sleep under the stars if you have the right gear), and we’ll find a great spot I know atop a hill overlooking the valley. This is a free addon and can be arranged close to the time what night you’d like to do it on.

Heli-Drop Off

On occasion, we can arrange a helicopter trip into the station and sometimes a drop off right onto the mountains for us to decent (if weather permits). If this incredible introduction to your Adventure sounds like something you want to do, please select this option and we will reach out about arranging (prices currently vary and are quoted upon your booking).

Donate a trap

This may not be for you, but many are surprised that only one $45 trap can save up to 1,000 native birds in its lifetime. If you want to be part of New Zealand conservations efforts on a personal level then donate this trap. Your name and special Visitor number will be written on it so that we can record your traps contribution to saving our native wildlife. If time allows, you’ll even get to sign and set the trap you donate.

Airport pickup

Keen and heading out on your Adventure the moment you land into New Zealand? It’ll save you a lot on accommodation and we can arrange luggage storage. Your Bushman will message you for flight details and times.

Energy Snacks

If you need that extra boost during the day trip, it’s worth ensuring you have some high-protein snacks. We’ll have this sorted for you with NZ’s best energy bars & snacks.

Food or Allergy Requirements

If you have any food or allergy requirements your Bushman needs to know about, please add the details here. You can send more information on this via your dashboard once booked.

Shaun Monk Conservation Tour New Zealand

New Zealand Bush Experience

Shaun Monk Bushman Tours Profile Image Bushcraft with Shaun
No. of Adventurers Price Per Person Total Cost
1 $1345 NZD $1345 NZD
2 $805 NZD $1610 NZD
3 $625 NZD $1875 NZD
4 $540 NZD $2160 NZD
5 $484 NZD $2420 NZD
6 $449 NZD $2694 NZD

Prices are excluding GST and will be calculated at checkout.


3 days
2 nights


Altitude An icon depicting the altitude of this adventure. 1750m



Map of Canterbury
Who's taking me on this adventure?


I have walked through a lifetime of backcountry adventures all over New Zealand from multi-day solo hikes, to backpack hunting along mountain ranges. I'm ready to help turn your outdoor challenges into safe, awesome experiences.

My wide range of knowledge on wildlife, plants, conservation, bushcraft, mountain safety and New Zealand's unique history makes for a great chat while walking the trails or relaxing around the campfire. It's been great spending the last few years building Adventures and Tours for families, new hunters and travellers from all around the world.

I'm privileged to be looking after Island Hills Station and heading up the conservation efforts on the QEII covenant section of the privately run land. It's a special part of the Hurunui district and it's where we'll spend our time. Looking forward to taking you out!

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All tours require the proper gear to ensure you’re having the time of your life, and are well prepared if things go south. It’s the real and rugged New Zealand out there!


  • Day Pack

    Day Pack

  • Hiking Boots

    Hiking Boots

  • Hiking Pack

    Hiking Pack

  • Hiking Pants

    Hiking Pants

  • Hiking Socks

    Hiking Socks

  • Knife


  • Rain Jacket

    Rain Jacket

  • Sleeping bag

    Sleeping Bag

  • Sunscreen and hat

    Sunscreen & hat

  • Toiletries and Underwear

    Toiletries & Underwear

  • Top and Bottom Layer

    Top & Bottom Base layer

  • Top Base Layer

    Top Base layer

  • Torch and Batteries

    Torch & Batteries

  • Warm Hat and Gloves

    Warm hat & gloves (March to October)

  • Warm Hiking Layer

    Warm hiking layer


  • Hand Sanitiser

    Hand Sanitiser

  • Inspect Repellent

    Insect Repellent

  • Pack Cover

    Pack Cover / Liner

  • Recreational Footwear

    Recreational Footwear

  • Whistle



There are add-on extras for this tour. These are the little things that’ll either make your Adventure easier to organise or more rugged - your choice. You can add these during the booking process.

  • Wild Foods

    If you're looking to eat more than just some freeze-dried meals and want to opt for fresh, locally sourced foods, it doesn't get much better than this. I have caught and prepared all the food on offer here, right from the station. Join me for a beer while we get the BBQ running.

    + $50 NZD
  • Non-Hunter Experience

    If you've always had an interest in hunting but didn't know where to start, this option allows you to safely give it a go. We will walk through rifle safety and preparation, have some basic shooting practice, then head up into the hills to see what we can bag. This is perfect for those who don't want the pressure of a full hunting trip but want to see if it's right for them.

    + $300 NZD
  • Filming of your Adventure

    A 20 to 30-minute high definition video will be caught and shared with you post-Adventure. This is a fantastic way to really embrace the trip while someone else captures the moments. My contacts here are professional videographers often seen on key hunting channels and magazines like The Hunters Journal. Don't miss a chance to bring them along!

    + $600 NZD
  • Camp Out

    If sleeping under the stars sounds like you, I know the perfect spot. We have a specific hill that nestles in the valley perfect for a good sunrise. We can opt for a night out instead of the lodge (fully flexible) and enjoy the variety of sounds the bush has to offer.

  • Helictoper Drop Off

    On some occasions, I can reach out to my contacts who have regularly dropped my Visitors off to the station from above. This allows us to set down on a mountain ridge and descent down while our gear is dropped off below. It's an exciting and fantastic way to start the trip and if available will show you how epic this station really is. Please select this at checkout and I will provide a quote.

    + $500 NZD

Q & A

Your Bushman has added a couple of answers to questions other Visitors have asked in the past to help you with your booking plans. Once you book a tour, you'll be in direct contact with your Bushman for more support.

  • Do I need to be an experienced outdoors person for this trip?

    Not at all. This unique Hurunui Station has an abundance of trips to offer those of all experiences from beginners, kids, to expert hunters. I’ll ensure that whatever you’re up for, we’ll find something for you and there is absolutely no judgement on your preference.

    On the first day, I’ll gauge this pretty quick with a nice walk through our conservation section and we'll talk about options on the station.

  • I’ve never hunted before, is this hard?

    If you’re interested in hunting, there may be an opportunity for this, however, it’s best to head over to my other hunting tour for a more specific Adventure. If we do get the chance to do this, I will provide very detailed, careful training on what to do. I’ve got experience with every kind of skill level and this option is great for those that are curious about the profession.

  • What is a station?

    New Zealand Station’s are not like your typical Australian one; flat, barren and full of grazing cows. Although this is a farm, the majority of it is covered in mountains and bush.

    Although bee farming, cattle and more is worked here, it’s also a haven for wildlife and more importantly, a place for endangered animals to come. With huts, lodges and hilltop camping spots, this Station is one of NZ’s best playgrounds.

  • Our group is bigger than four people, do you offer more people?

    Yes. I regularly have large groups, sometimes 10+ but this depends on the activities required. This tour will soon be available to larger groups but if this is you, jump on my profile and send me an email at the bottom and we can arrange.


Here’s a few answers to the more general questions about the whole journey. You can visit our help and support area for any further information or contact us via the chat function.

  • What is the refund and cancellation policy?

    Bushman Tours sets a standard cancellation policy that can be found via our Terms & Conditions. This is globally set at 48 hours notice. However, Bushmen may add to this depending on the requirements for the Adventure (e.g. - hiring gear and renting equipment on your behalf). The final policy will be located at the bottom of the checkout, or you can reach out to us to check.

  • What happens if the tour is cancelled due to weather?

    In most cases, the Bushman can arrange another day to run your tour, but this also comes down to when you're available if travelling through New Zealand. We recommend ensuring you have insurance for cancellation of any tours. If the Bushman has to cancel due to a health risk, we will call you to arrange another option.

  • What gear do I need?

    Although we have a minimum requirement of gear, you will need the right equipment and gear that is relevant to the Adventure you're booking. This is usually found at the bottom of each tour page, but for our minimum, please visit our FAQs & blog page.

  • Can I hire gear/equipment?

    In some circumstances, your Bushman will have equipment for you to hire. This is available to browse and book through the checkout. We may also have options through our checkout. Although you may be able to borrow gear during the tour, it's important to reserve it now.

  • What food shall I bring?

    Depending on the length, this can vary. Your Bushman will advise on the tour page what is recommended for this particular Adventure, but typically, what we offer at checkout via the add-ons section is what you'll need. Keep it lightweight and nutritious if you buy your own.

  • Where do I meet my Bushman?

    We always try to pick the closest iSite (Visitor Centre) to your Adventure's location. Instructions on precisely where to meet are sent after the booking is made. However, you can also message your Bushman and arrange another location as long as it's close enough to the region.

  • How much extra is it to add family/friends onto the booking?

    If you book and find that more people want to come with you, we can arrange to add them onto the booking (this is dependant on the Bushman's preference to the number of people to take out). The more that book on the original checkout option, the cheaper the fee for each individual - so spread the word before you go to book! Please note, you cannot add or bring extra people 48 hours before the tour starts.

  • Can I talk to my Bushman before the Adventure?

    Absolutely! Once you book, you will be able to login and chat directly to your Bushman through a private, secure chat. Here you can arrange some extras you would like to do, timings for pick up and much more.

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