Bushman Tours is the first and only organisation in Aotearoa that offers experienced outdoor enthusiasts and passionate Kiwis paid tours with our visitors, in their spare time.

Kiwis who inspire our Visitors

At the heart of who we are, we’re local. Our Tribe of Bushmen and women are passionate about their regions and the environment.
If you too are knowledgeable and want to showcase your backyard and experiences, we want to hear from you.

Our Purpose

Aotearoa, New Zealand is now 7th best country to visit in the world and 3rd for natural environments. This is only expected to improve thanks to our blisteringly quick response to COVID-19. Tourism contributes the most to the economy while 48% is domestic spend alone. More than ever, we need to influence our Visitors on conservation and our natural habitats. Our Bushmen and women inspire these people to care for our land while going bush. 

Our why

Everything we do, we do for conservation. By offering a platform for people throughout New Zealand to contribute to, we are giving back to local communities. We partner with leading charities and global initiatives on ecosystem contribution. We provide data and feedback to DOC and NZ scientists. Our platform is a way to contribute to tourism and conservation on a mass scale.

Brad Law Bushman Tours Profile Image

When those visitors move on, they have directly contributed to preserving the environment and giving back to conservation, whether they know it or not. They’ll build personal connections and what’s better than that?

Brad, Head Bushman

I’ve travelled the world and seen the beauty and devastation of our environment. When I returned from 5 years in Europe, I’d grown a larger passion to innovate and build something that could make a difference in NZ. So many businesses in this industry claim to have local and environmental values but failed to prove these during a crisis. I’m determined that Bushman Tours will help facilitate meaningful conversations, experiences and support for local communities and ecosystem. 

Ollie Law | Founder & Chief Bushman

“In 2017, Tourists were staying 19 nights in New Zealand while spending on average $4,100 during their trip. 73% of those did some form of walking or hiking.”

– Tourism New Zealand

What being a Bushman is all about

Our platform is a place where experienced individuals can come and design and sell Adventures & Tours to anyone who wishes to book. As a Bushman, you need to represent your core values in everything you do – this is why Visitors will book you. We’re looking for people who the following competencies and beliefs to apply:

A love for your region

If you have lived in your region for a long period and love it for everything it offers, know its history and want to preserve it, we want to hear from you.

A passion for conservation

Awareness and knowledge of ways to protect our environment and give back to conservation is vital. If you have this, you should apply today.

Openness to all Visitors

You will be the ones to inspire and change the lives of other travelers. If this gets you excited and is something you’ve done before, let’s talk.

Exceptional Experiences

Our Visitors pay for experiences, not to feel like a tourist. If you have activities and Adventures that are unique to you and you alone, you would make a great Bushman!

Over 1.14 million people go exploring in New Zealand’s outdoors each year across a variety of activities.

The outdoor & recreation industry contributed $727 million to the NZ economy in 2016.

85% of New Zealanders say conservation is important to them, but only 12% contribute or helped projects in 2016.

Before COVID-19, 5.3 million visitors access public conservation lands and waters in New Zealand.

How it works for you


Apply via the link below. Answer our comprehensive application and upload your history & experience.


We review every application individually, and you’ll hear back within a week. If you pass, you’ll be invited to the virtual onboarding. If you fail, you can apply one more time in 6 months.


Go through an onboarding & induction process, fully automated and virtual – so you can do it in your spare time. Learn our requirements, how to set up your Adventures, customer experience, health & safety and much more.


Once you accept your Agreement with us and we sign you off, immediately start designing and leading your Adventures. 24/7, 365 days support from our team is provided. Add as many Adventures as you want.

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