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In traditional Bushman Tours fashion, we’re keen to continue sharing our mission with like-minded experts. Similar to how local Kiwi guides lead our tours, experienced bloggers and journalists are invited to share their knowledge through our blogs too. 

Our team could try our best to cover a wide range of topics and interesting discussion points here in New Zealand (and we’ll try to), but valuable content will come from those out there doing it. 

That’s why, this year, we’re on the lookout for writers who are already writing their thoughts, adventures, research and lifestyles into blogs, but would like the chance to become a blogger with us and be compensated for it.

We’re calling these authors Bushbloggers (took us all of five seconds to come up with that name).

You will get a profile

When you become a Bushblogger for us, you will be set up a profile to use to promote your work and have a place to send new potential followers. Some may use this to push their social media, while others will use it as a place to share their work with friends and family. 

At the moment, our profile layouts are simple – check out an example here. 

To set this up, you will need:

  • A profile picture of yourself. This will be cropped into a square 200x200px and ideally contains your head, shoulders and will be outside in nature.
  • A cover image to your author profile. Ideally 3200x2000px in size and a JPEG. This should also be outside and best represent who you are and what you will write about. For example, if you’re a conservation expert, you might have an image of you out in the bush with wild kiwi or setting traps.
  • A bio statement: about 50 to 100 words on what makes you unique and what you enjoy writing about. Get people excited about your content so they continue to follow you. 
  • Your social media and links you’d like us to share on your profile. This could be a branded Instagram, photography account or even a website you’d like users to go to.

Become a blogger at Bushman Tours

In these early days* (while we continue to refine the process), we just need your blogs emailed to us in a word document or a shareable Google Doc. These must come with a few elements for us to effectively post your work as quickly as possible. 

*When we say early days, we’re implying the process will become more fluid once we build the tools.

The keyword

Starting with this will help keep your content on point. This is the word you’re speaking to that you want us to promote the most. It’s important this is specific and relevant to your content. For example, this article talks about the New Zealand climate emergency, but the keyword is Sustainable Tourism.

The title

This is also very important. Keep it between six to eight words. Consider a call to action, a top 10 list, or wording that clearly states what the article is about. We may tweak this if you need help.

A summary

For some of the Bushman Tours webpages, a summary is shown on the article to help bring in the views. This would be something that briefly provides more detail on what to expect in the article. Keep it no more than 50 – 70 words and get to the point quick.

The content

We don’t have a block on how much content you can write, but it is important to consider the user you’re writing to. If it’s a detailed article that embodies academic research and proven points, then it’s expected to be long. Consider your reader’s ambition; are they looking for something to study, or a quick tip? If it’s news or a tip, consider keeping this under 800 – 1,000 words. The shorter and snappier the text, the more likely someone is to read the whole page and you will generate commission on. We have a content editor here who will check all the grammar and spelling, but mostly focus on the essential content to help this piece become refined and digestible.

What to write about

Our three categories are as follows:

Updates and information usually direct from Bushman Tours. However, this can also cover topics in the news you think it widely relevant to our wider categories – like climate action or policy updates.

We’re always looking to share some information on the latest and best gear. We have a focus on sustainability, so we ask that any gear you review or talk about comes with some research of where and how it’s made. You can write about anything to do with conservation, adventure, the outdoors and nature – this could be anything from boots to the best 4X4 of the year.

A more broad area, this allows writers to branch out and talk about topics that inspire, make people think and make people question the norm.

Here, we focus on specific tracks and hikes we’ve done or recommend. This is a hub for people to gather more information on a walk around New Zealand that you can help them learn about. We’re looking for as much detail, images and advice as you can muster.

If you’re struggling with the above, then just jump into the categories now and see what’s already up. Also, remember that you could submit an idea to us first, and we’ll let you know if we think it’ll work.

There are some rules…

We prefer to not write about brands we wouldn’t typically support. There are some “competitors” we’ll still happily share as we love promoting other sustainable operators, but it’s best to just ask us first. We also want to try and stay away from opinionated pieces on tough topics that don’t have any scientifically backed researched to compliment them. For example, this might mean no pieces directed negatively to an individual. We’ll continue to monitor this.


As mentioned, throughout your piece we will review the grammar, spelling and overall structure to ensure it’s easily digestible for our audience. We will also add internal links from words we think are relevant to our platform. We encourage you to do the same if you have your own website, blog, social media or item you’d like to promote. This is good for SEO (search engine optimisation) and will help promote more of your work. Make sure to add these in the piece you’re sending over so we can easily add them in.


The blog’s banner image is really important and – combined with the title – be what prompts users to jump onto your blog, so consider what matches both your content but the intent of the piece. You will need to own full rights to use this image and by sending us one for publication, Bushman Tours is assuming you have those full rights inline with our Intellectual Property Policy. If you don’t have one, not to worry as we have access to beautiful stock imagery we can use. 

To reiterate, the image is perhaps the second most important asset next to your title. We’ll use the same header image throughout the website and in our social media, so have a good think and reach out if you need help.

Imagery should also be considered inside your content. It helps to break up the writing and accompany key points with visual examples. If you are using more imagery, remember to keep them no larger than 3200×2000 pixels, JPEGs and that you have full rights to them.

Graphs and charts

If you are writing a piece that involves numbers, graphs and interesting data the reader might get value out of, we encourage you to use Data Wrapper. This can easily be embedded into our website and looks smart. We prefer that any charts or graphics are of high quality or via Data Wrapper to keep consistent presentation on our platform.

Call to actions

If your blog wants an action to take place after the user is done reading that is separate to what we would offer, let us know what this is in the last page of your documents so we can add this into the final piece. For example, you may be talking about a new charity initiative and want people to donate, we will need the URL to send the user to, and a brief description of this.

We may edit your content

All of the above steps will be reviewed and may be edited by our team. This is to ensure we’re keeping on brand, it makes sense to our audience and matches current marketing activities. In very rare cases, we may choose not to post your blog if it conflicts with the Bushman Tours message and values. You will be informed of this.

How do I get paid?

Bushman Tours is offering to pay Bushbloggers for the views the content gets on our platform for their individual blogs. There are some guidelines to this to ensure a fair process for everyone. 

Please be aware though that current website users are uncharastically low. Few people are looking for content in New Zealand while the strict border controls stay in place and encourage holiday makers to consider other options. But we like to consider longtail strategies (which all counts here).

  • One view will be measured by a user viewing up to 90% or more of the blog – monitored automatically by Bushman Tours. 
  • The same viewer (recorded by their IP and cookies) will be set and recorded for 90 days. This means if the same user repeats a 90+% view of the same blog more than once, you are only paid for the initial first view.
  • We pay out bloggers on the last working day over a 30 day rolling period to ensure a reasonable level of income is generated. You will get a receipt of this payment showcasing the analytics to your blogs as well. This will help you see which ones are doing well and what topics are well received by readers. 

Achieving more views

We encourage you to share your work across your channels and promote that you are blogging through Bushman Tours. The more of your following that reads your work, the more unique views and compensation you receive (even if they’re friends and family).

How much will I get paid?

When you become a blogger, it’s hard to get the rewards for your work. We’d like to do our part to change that. There are two ways we measure the value of a user who reads your blogs. 

  1. The user has accepted cookies on our website but has not signed up as a member. This is paid out at 58c NZD* per view of your blog.
  2. The user signs up as a subscriber on Bushman Tours (through the widget at the bottom of every blog). This is paid out at $1.08 NZD* per view of your blogs from that subscribed user. This also accounts for any existing subscribers we have gathered.

*These rates are subject to change. You will be notified if that happens.

We will continuously monitor this to ensure fair remuneration. 

In some circumstances, we engage third party publications to promote our work. If this happens and we choose to use your blog, you will be paid a one off fee at a negotiated rate depending on the length and style of your blog, and the third parties average monthly users. We will reach out to you privately to arrange this.

You can get paid commission on bookings

You also have the opportunity to receive commission should a tracked user or subscriber book a tour with us at any point after reading your blog.

How does this work?

  1. A website user accepts cookie tracking when they arrive at our platform, or they sign up as a member. 
  2. At any point between that moment and booking a tour with us they read your blog, you are entitled to commission on the booking. 
  3. This commission is 5% of the value of the booking fee set by Bushman Tours. 
    1. This excludes any discounts provided by Bushman Tours
    2. This excludes add-ons, extras, GST or any other relevant admin/booking fees.

An example of commission on a booking:

  • The starting fee for one person on this tour: $1,290
  • The add-ons and extras: $685☨
  • GST and booking fees: $364.39
  • Total taken from customer: $2339.39
  • Commission made from starting fee: $64.50*

*This comes off the initial, one person booking fee. Many of these types of bookings come with multiple guests, meaning this commission can double or even triple. Our largest booking to date was 25 people. If any of those was to read your blog before booking, you may have been entitled to over $2,000 NZD in commission.

We cannot add the 5% commission onto add-ons of booking fees as usually these are set by the Bushman to compensate for their unique tour.

When will my blog go up?

Once you’ve submitted your work to us, we plan to release the blog within that same working week. We plan to have these blogs up on days we know interaction is high. In most cases, it’s much quicker than this. You will be shared a link once the blog is live, or, you can jump onto your own profile link to see it. 

Will you promote my blog?

Yes, we have a big list of other partners and websites that will have the blog shared on. Remember though, most of these sites have their own platform they prefer the content to be housed on. In that scenario, we link back to your blog from there. If you want a list of what those sites are, we can provide this at a later date. 

We continuously promote the work over social media. It will have its initial run and will likely be shared throughout the year to be seen by new followers on different platforms.

What are the next steps?

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or this is you’re just consider how to become a blogger, get started by submitting yourself to our team. 

Head here to start an application ➜

We’ll review this and send you the link to submit your first work once you’re ready. You could have this all live within a week.

We look forward to hearing from you and happy blogging!

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