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Our Bushmen and Women make us unique. Coming from all walks of life with amazing stories and experiences, our men and women are dedicated to the same mission: education and inspiration toward conservation. Our Bushmen go through a detailed application process where we review and handpick every single one. Due to this, we’re able to only select the most impressive and exciting individuals. This means, whoever you book is going to provide unmatched experiences and service within their chosen region.

Our Bushmen

Here's each of our Bushman guides and where they operate. You can view each profile and see what they have on offer!

Want to become a bushman?

We’re constantly on the search for new Bushmen to lead adventures and promote their region through a passion for the outdoors and conservation. You’ll run your own schedule, set up your own tours and have your own profile to maintain. This opportunity is a game-changer for the industry and Aotearoa.

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