Ollie Law Chief Bushman at Bushman Tours

Chief Bushman and Founder of Bushman Tours

Travel and the outdoors has been the foundation of who I am from the get-go. I’ve spent many years understanding what makes New Zealand such a crucial example to the rest of the world when it comes to conservation. As the founder of Bushman Tours, I’m very excited to meet our Visitors and show them our backyard.

Conservation, nature, and people; these are the three things I live my life around.

I’ve spent the last decade exploring the world and learning many lessons from wise people. Now I’m home, I would be pleased to take you into our backcountry and provide a personal experience where you leave feeling a connection to our land as I did when I traveled.

New Zealand is a stunning place, but there is much work to do to spread the wildlife warrior message. Join me, let’s talk, climb some awesome peaks, and get some good conversations happening around the fireplace in a backcountry hut. Can’t wait to meet you!




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Mount Pleasant
Map of Canterbury


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The Edwards-Hawdon Alpine Route

Ollie Law Chief Bushman at Bushman Tours Ollie

Traverse Casey & Binser Saddle

Ollie Law Chief Bushman at Bushman Tours Ollie

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