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I’m Coda the Collie. Most people know me from my Instagram account and the competitions I take part in around New Zealand. I can also be found up in the Tararua Ranges helping our team reset traps for those horrible introduced pests.

My human is Bushman Emma. She often comes on the adventures I go on, which is nice. I love mountains and long grass (it smells good). I also once climbed a vertical cliff face by using the ladder a human had left behind, so yeah, I like to be active.

I also now have a baby brother called Alpine, (you can see him here). He’s nice but has much to learn. Perhaps he’ll join us on an adventure or two as well.

I can’t wait to show you where I love to run around. If you’re fit, we’ll have plenty of fun getting up those big hills. If you’ve got kids and a family, I love to entertain and I’ve been told I’m very tolerable with any age (my human also has children). See you out there!




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Palmerston North


  • I once climbed a ladder up a mountain cliff edge
  • Multiple dog shows and events across New Zealand
  • Vast experience in the NZ Bush
  • Very good at playing sit, fetch and spotting for pests

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