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Tribal Bushman Born on Piney Mountain

Inky is a tribal bushman born on Piney Mountain whose blood flows with the Susquehannock River. He is a well-travelled explorer who has ventured deep into the Amazon and to the heights of the Andes.

A keen storyteller, Inki carries extensive knowledge of ecology, geology as well as indigenous narratives of his beloved Southern Alps. A patient teacher, he is always happy to share his backcountry skills with others. If you’re looking for an experience above and beyond just hiking, Inki is the Bushman to book.




Altitude An icon depicting the altitude of this adventure. 2453m




  • Roaming Western Ghats, Andes and Appalachian Mountains
  • Emergency First Response & First Aid Trained
  • Rescue Diver & (USAF) Battlefield Care Trained
  • Also worked as guide at Ngārua Caves with a focus on history and geological/ecological knowledge.
  • Hablo español intermedio!
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Inki is available to take you on a tour of New Zealand today! Browse their adventures and book one (or multiple) now.

  • The Edwards-Hawdon Alpine Route

    Inki Tani Bushman Tours Profile Image Inki
  • Traverse Casey & Binser Saddle

    Inki Tani Bushman Tours Profile Image Inki

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