Calming walks, bustling forest canopies and stretched beaches

Golden sands, wise old forests, beautiful rolling hills into the small townships; this region is perfect for those looking for sunshine and relaxation. The wildlife is plentiful while the adventures are diverse, including kayaking, hiking, hunting, skydiving, wine tours and more.

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Nelson & Tasman

Hiking Adventures Hiking

Single-day, overnight and multi-day hikes and treks for all ages and experience levels. Hiking is what we do best, and we make it extra personal for you to experience our natural world up close.

Anatori River & Cobb Valley

Nelson & Tasman
Drew Parkinson Bushman Tours Profile Image Drew

Experience The Wangapeka

Nelson & TasmanWest Coast
Stefan Warnaar Bushman Tours Profile Image Stefan

Cobb Valley Exploration

Nelson & Tasman
Drew Parkinson Bushman Tours Profile Image Drew

Local Bushmen running tours in Nelson & Tasman

These friendly, fun and outgoing experts are handpicked by us and must show a lifetime of knowledge to their region before becoming a Bushman. They know this place better than any; you're in good hands.

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