New Zealand has been through one of the most strict and staunch self-isolation, lockdowns in the world. This is for good reason and we are beginning to see results – all in the effort to save lives. However, not being able to leave, with our airports closed and many businesses likely to struggle financially, there is much uncertainty. 

Here are some questions we’ve picked up in the last few weeks and our best answers to them. Remember, if you have any further questions to what’s below, please reach out to our friendly Kiwi team.

Some of our popular questions today

Are you closed during COVID-19?

No, not in the slightest. We were during Level 4 & 3, but the team is now working more hours and getting through more work than we possibly ever have. Now that restrictions have lifted, we’re now taking bookings with additional hygiene and contact tracing requirements. Bookings, tours and recruitment are all still very much happening. You can now book Adventures with Bushman by exploring via the search function.

What’s the minimum requirements to become a Bushman?

To become a Bushman, you need a few requirements sorted before you can apply. They are: full New Zealand Drivers License, your own transportation (to get to tours), a valid New Zealand First Aid Certificate, a New Zealand registered Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), and eligibility to work in New Zealand.

When and how do I cancel my booking?

This can be done via your Visitors dashboard by clicking in the top right and finding your booking. Open up the itinerary and head to the bottom. Please note, you can only cancel before 48 hours out from your tour, or inline with the Bushman’s terms for a refund. Occasionally, refunds are minus any bank or administration fees Bushman Tours incurs.

What happens if an Adventure is cancelled due to bad weather?

This can happen often in NZ due to its unpredictable climate. You will receive a refund of 75% of your total fee. The remaining 25% is shared with your Bushman for their time and overheads and Bushman Tours for administration fees. However, we can offer to move you tour date to another suitable time, or offer another tour altogether at a reduced rate. We will contact you about this if it occurs.

What happens if an Adventure is cancelled due to bad health/fitness?

Unfortunately we cannot refund bookings if you are unable to complete them on the day. We have strict guidelines on difficulty across all of our Adventures & tours. If you’re not sure, just contact your Bushman or our Bushman Team to discuss what is suitable.

Will there be other people on our tour?

Unlike most providers, all our Adventures are private to you and the Bushman, and we won’t charge you more for it either. However, if you want to save money, we can share your booking publicly and allow others to join. The more that book, the more discounts everyone gets, so if you’re comfortable with meeting others, this could be a good option.

Do I need a visa to become a Bushman?

Yes, you will need an eligible visa to do any form of work at Bushman Tours (whether internal or as a Bushman). Although we can offer some very high-level referrals and idea around this, we cannot provide any legitimate advice on how to obtain a valid visa.

What happens if I miss the meet time and location?

This is down to your Bushman. In most cases, the tour is cancelled and no refund is applied. However, if you reach out to us immediately on 0800 220 262, we can work with the Bushman to arrange other options if they have the time and availability.

My friend wants to come with me last minute, can they?

This depends on the availability of space on the tour and whether the Bushman is comfortable with it. With enough warning, we can open up the Bushman’s Adventure for an extra person and send a link for them to book. Send us an email as soon as you know to We do not allow cash payments for extra guests during the tours.

How much do Bushman get paid?

It varies on the length they’re out, overheads and their preferred hourly rate. Bushman Tours has built a dynamic and competitive pricing model that Bushmen & women are free to use, however, we recommend considering what you think your Adventure is worth and the overheads needed to cover it.

What are the minimum requirements to come out on a tour?

These are noted on each Adventure page and then again on your dashboard after booking. If you arrive at your Adventure with less than our minimum requirements, the Bushman has all the right to cancel the trip with no refund. Please ensure you have it all or hire from us where available.

How do we get to the tours? (Transport)

You can arrange this yourself/drive to the start (making sure you’re on time), or you can arrange with the Bushman who will pick you up as part of the fee. If your group is larger than the available seats in the Bushman’s vehicle, we will arrange extra transport at an additional fee.

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