We’ve invested a massive amount of time and brought in the country’s leading resilience experts to build safety plans that put us at the very top of preparedness in New Zealand. We take our Visitors’ and Bushmen’s safety extremely seriously and are here to ensure that you’ve got all the information you need to have a successful tour.

Our four rules

& listen

Ask your Bushman where you’re going. Know the route and plan the trip.

Respect weather

Weather can and will kill you in NZ. Prepare for all possibilities in any season.

Know your limits

It’s OK to stop, rest or turn back. Don’t overdo it for the sake of ego.

Do as they say

You Bushman is in charge, always follow what they say and their advice.

If an emergency occurs during your Adventure, your Bushman will take control and provide detailed instructions on what to do. They will discuss the process before leaving for the tour and during – for a continuous safety check. It is vital you follow everything they ask, for everyone’s safety.

If something happens to your Bushman out on the tour, use their Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) to signal for help. They will show you how to use it prior to leaving. You should be carrying a First Aid kit and our the minimum requirements of gear. Remember to always listen and pay attention to your surroundings (it may be sunny in the morning, but weather can change). Keep a good recollection of the next or previous hut or shelter for you to get back to if needed.

Remember: By booking with Bushman Tours, you must agree to our Terms & Conditions. Do not book with us if you do not agree with our terms as they are set in place to align with our Standard Operating Procedures and our Safety Management Plan. By booking with us, you’re booking an experienced outdoors individual who we have vetted and put through an application process. Although some of these people are not necessarily certified guides, they are very experienced in what they do. They have all the minimum requirements of gear and knowledge. It’s important to trust them, listen and follow the rules if you book with Bushman Tours. There is absolutely no exception to this.

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