In some circumstances, Bushman Tours may ask either the Visitors (the website user) or the Bushman for verification of their identity. We are not required to do this for every user of the Bushman Tours Platform, but as a user of the platform, you are required to present the correct information upon request.

This information is used to determine the legitimacy of your usage and profile on our website, to create a safe and fair platform for everyone, and to hold any information we are legally obligated to share with the New Zealand Government.

What information we may ask for

The identification we may ask you to provide us will be subjected to your usage of Bushman Tours. For example, it is common that Bushmen provide more information than Visitors (customers). Items we ask for may include:

  • Current Passport
  • Valid Social Security Card
  • State-issued driver’s licence/ID card
  • Proof of address including utility or government issues letter with your legal name

Unless legally required to, we do not request bank statements or birth certificates.

What we do with this information

If this information is asked of you by Bushman Tours, it is shared via a secure gateway and temporarily hosted on our servers for a period no longer than 30 days of receivership. After 30 days, we destroy, terminate or delete the items from our system.

All uploads to our servers are encrypted and secure to the best of our ability, but inline with our Terms and Conditions, we cannot guarantee full security of your identification. By using our platform, you are willingly accepting this risk.

Under no circumstances whatsoever is your identification shared with any third party unless legally required by New Zealand law.

If you submit incorrect, false or fraudulent information to us upon request, your profile or user account will be suspended and we may file a report with legal authorities and/or the New Zealand police.

If you have any more questions or information you would like from us about this. Please reach out today at

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