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Our small team is determined, close and moves with aggression and determination. We work remotely to allow complete flexibility with our personal lives and our huge efforts with tasks. We want to bring on only the best performers to help reach our mission of aligning Adventure to Conservation.

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Our story

Bushman Tours was founded in November of 2018, but the concept itself was sketched out years before this. Ollie, our Founder, had worked in media and tech startups in the UK before moving back to New Zealand in 2015. While exploring around, he met Zoe (his now partner). The two began building Bushman Tours from the ground up while travelling Australia, Japan and Europe together in 2017-2018. The team remained small and Ollie reached out to close contacts like Abby who took over design.

A few years later, as the strategy has been ironed out, the team have a focus on growing the new platform and opportunity to a global scale, while maintaining their core beliefs and values. It’s a young business, but Bushman Tours is set to disrupt the way people think of travel.

Be part of a team, anywhere.

We really believe that technology and progress in virtual collaboration is the next step for businesses. Just like social media got rid of the text message, or cloud accounting got rid of paperwork, virtual businesses will move much quicker than those reliant on office space. Not only this, but it also helps save the environment and contributes to better well-being for employees. That’s why we keep our team 100% remote. It also allows us to connect with people from all over the world – which is super cool.

What you’ll work on

At the very core of how Bushman Tours works is our platform (the website you’re currently on). We use this is as our final point of contact for Visitors and Bushmen, and we plan to continue to build it and progress our business at an exceptional rate. That’s why, everyone who works on the team should have a vast knowledge of digital enterprise and experience in digital marketing, sales, UX or development.

The website

Help develop and maintain the platform we rely on. Keep it beautiful and innovative.

Digital Marketing

Share us with the globe through smart and effective campaigns you have complete control over.

User service

Whether it be our Visitors/Customers, or our Bushmen, provide unbelievably good and friendly service and support to them.

Become a blogger

Become a Bushblogger instead

If you’re looking for something a little more casual that allows you to explore your creative side, we’re looking for bloggers.

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Want to apply?

“It’s 2020, and I don’t do CVs anymore. They’re not a true representation of who you are. I want to be sent a link to your portfolio or some evidence of the work you’ve done in the past. Also, send me some case-studies around why you know you’ll fit in with our team and what specifically you want to work on at Bushman Tours? (Website, marketing, sales…)

If you get an interview with us, I ask you four questions. These are:

1) Rate yourself from 1 to 10 on both your teamwork and your leadership abilities. You cannot pick ‘5’ for both of them – one needs to be greater than the other and you need a reason why.

2) Scenario: Bushman Tours has just achieved a significant company milestone, you’re in charge of organising a celebration, what would you organise?

3) Scenario: During a meeting, I speak about two tasks needed doing. One is very specific, easy but time-consuming, the other is innovative but vague and likely to be technical. Which one do you do first and why?

4) In your opinion and from your research on us, what do you think Bushman Tours should achieve this year that will slingshot our business success?

Look forward to hearing from you!”

– Ollie | Bushman Tours Founder & Director

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